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The Autobiography of Li Zongwei movie last week Malaysia film dark horse into rosy

Time: 2018-03-23 15:07:07 source: Phoenix Author: Anonymous

    According to Malaysia media reports, badminton champion LEE Chong Wei The movie "LEE CHONG WEI" (formerly known as: "the loser is king") since the 3 month 15 days in Singapore and Malaysia released 4 days harvest grossed more than $2 million 100 thousand ringgit (about 3 million 380 thousand yuan), last week became the Malaysia movie box office No. three (not including the premiere income).

    The movie "LEE CHONG WEI" premiere at the Bukit Djalil National Stadium in March 9th, nearly 20 thousand people to watch the scene, set a record in Asia, Asia's largest movie premiere was awarded the certificate. Li Zongwei day with his wife and two sons attended the premiere, and audience interaction.

    According to reports, the film based on the Autobiography of Li Zongwei Li Zongwei books, story narrative from the moment the baby was born, until eventually became the world badminton king and Malaysia sports legendary life experience. The film since March 15th in Malaysia and Singapore released simultaneously, within 4 days of harvest grossed more than 3 million, for a sports biographical film, is a very good results, is enough to prove that the influence of Li Zongwei.

    Many domestic China fans is also on the line waiting for this movie, but according to insiders, whether the introduction of the film, when released in the domestic Chinese is still unknown, let Li Zongwei fans sad.

    But the movie box office in Singapore, released in March 15th on the first day at the box office only ten thousand yuan (about 45 thousand yuan), released 4 days in Singapore since the box office totaled 74 thousand and 156 yuan (about 357 thousand yuan), Singapore ranked eighth at the box office last week. Another well-known comedy film "smash" badminton fully launched in 2015, only 603 yuan at the box office in singapore.

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